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Ditch the Boring, Bio-Link Like a Boss

Tired of that boring, one-link bio dragging down your online presence? Yeah, us too. Biio is here to turn your biolink into a masterpiece that screams YOU.

Content Buffet

Post music, pics, vids, links to your merch, podcasts, social media - you name it, Biio lets you showcase it all.

Your Creative Kingdom

Customize your profile with fire templates and your own brand colors. (No graphic design degree needed, promise.)

Stat Nerd Paradise

Numbers don't lie (and neither do we). See how many peeps are digging your profile. Biio let's you connect your GA account to see how your biolink is performing, giving you valuable insights into what's working and what's not.






Time to Click



Manage Your Empire

Biio lets you manage multiple profiles from one place. Plus, you can grant access to your manager, so they can keep your biolink fresh while you focus on creating those chart-topping hits. It's a win-win for your creative team!











..not fake ones, we promise. 🙄

"Biio is a game-changer! Finally, a biolink that lets me showcase my music the way I want."

Totally Legit Musician McRockstarface

Totally Legit Musician McRockstarface

"As a manager, Biio is a lifesaver. It keeps everything organized and makes promoting my artists a breeze."

Frazzled But Fiercely Loyal Artist Manager

Frazzled But Fiercely Loyal Artist Manager

"This is what I've been waiting for! Biio is easy to use, looks amazing, and is affordable. What more could an artist ask for?"

Independent Artist Who Doesn't Sell Out (Unlike Some Other Guys)

Independent Artist Who Doesn't Sell Out (Unlike Some Other Guys)

"Forget the overpriced website drama. Biio is a game changer for artists on a budget. Seriously, where has this been all my life?"

Probably-Famous DJ Soundwave

Probably-Famous DJ Soundwave

"Biio's free plan is a lifesaver, and the premium features are worth every penny (which, let's be real, isn't many)."

Aspiring Rock God (with Ramen Noodle Savings Account)

Aspiring Rock God (with Ramen Noodle Savings Account)

"Biio lets me showcase my art, music, and even my upcoming tour dates. It's the perfect all-in-one for any artist who wants to stand out."

Visually Stunning Painter with a Mic

Visually Stunning Painter with a Mic

"Biio rocks! Integrates audio, links, merch - one stop shop for my listeners. They love it!"

Podcast Hero

Podcast Hero

"Biio is like having a personal hypeman for your online presence. It's got all the bells and whistles without the headache."

DJ Scratchmaster McSpinnyfingers (retired)

DJ Scratchmaster McSpinnyfingers (retired)

"Biio is the peanut butter to my musical jelly. It ties everything together and makes me look profesh AF."

Sound Engineer with a Side Hustle of Making Beats

Sound Engineer with a Side Hustle of Making Beats

"I can finally showcase my music videos without people having to click through a million links. Biio is a lifesaver!"

Music Video Director Who Hates Frustrated Viewers

Music Video Director Who Hates Frustrated Viewers


Biio offers a free plan with all the essentials to get you started. Feeling fancy? We offer a premium plan with even more features for a ridiculously low €4 a month. Like, seriously low. Your barista probably charges more for that fancy oat milk latte.


All the basics to get you rocking and rolling.

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Unlock the full Biio experience and become a biolink legend.

4 / month

14-day free trial
  • Add account managers
  • Customize your profile look
  • Advanced analytics
  • Enhanced upload limits:
10 sections
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10 videos
10 products
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10 sound links


Yep! The basic plan with all the link-in-bio essentials is yours for free.
There isn't one! Except maybe wondering why you didn't upgrade sooner.
Nope! We made it super user-friendly. Even your grandma could do it (although, grandma might struggle with the whole "being a rockstar" thing).
Absolutely! We take security seriously, but hey, remember - this is your biolink, meant to be seen by the world! Showcase your awesomeness responsibly.
Yup! You're the artist, you get to call the shots. We understand inspiration can strike at any time, so feel free to tweak your URL whenever the mood hits.
No hard feelings! You'll just switch back to the free plan and lose access to the premium features. Think of it like taking a break from the VIP section - you're always welcome back for more exclusive fun!

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